The ADA works right "out of the box" with no configuring needed. This will allow you to perform simple account procedures with easier access to account information and standard functions. These are some of the major features of the AD Assistant.

  • Automatic domain controller discovery
  • Searchable user object by cn or display name
  • Selectable domain controller via dropdown list
  • Account information displays on one window
  • Standard account functions
  • Change password option
  • Default password option for one click password changes
  • Account queue option allows the ability to process multiple accounts
  • Import to queue option from an exported tab delimited Active Directory list
  • Displays the last login information on every user
  • Auto requirying when selecting another domain controller
  • The optional ability to auto-archive home folders when disabling accounts
  • The optional ability to auto-append the name with the date the account was disabled
  • The optional ability to enforce password complexity from the ADA when changing passwords
  • Dynamic shortcut/favorite buttons via shortcut toolbar
  • Retrieve user account SID's
  • Portable and does not need AdminPak installed
  • RDP shortcut with unlimited computer list
  • Log of account queue and ADA usage
  • Auto-Check for version updates
  • Light-weight with only one executable
 System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/2008  joined to an Active Directory Domain.